Who am I?

Email strategy, large-scale stunts, operations management - I've done it all. I'm currently learning to code, and pride myself in always trying to pick up something new.

Outside of work, I'm an unfortunate Washington sports fan, have a winning fantasy baseball streak dating back half a decade, and am a truly mediocre runner. I'm a technologist, tea connoisseur (but also drinks coffee), and am always trying out some new app, service, or product before it hits the market.

Let's chat

Chinatown Gate in Washington, D.C.

What I've Done

You can see my LinkedIn for the specifics, but I'm proud of several projects in my professional career (tip: hover over each for more):

  • Launched #UberKittens and #UberIceCream in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill
  • Built an entire user feedback infrastructure, while providing product insights to developers
  • Worked with politically-active influencers and celebrities to incite meaningful action
  • Grew an email list 314% in just one year, and A/B tested my way to record growth & engagement
Scoreboard at Wrigley Field in Chicago


I take a lot of photos, and recently have contributed my best to Unsplash, where anyone can use them under the Creative Commons Zero license for use in any kind of creative project.

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